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People Strategy Foundations

By on Sep 11, 2017 in BOSS Posts, Human Resources | 0 comments

Louis Boone & David Kurtz suggest a first-class workforce can be the foundation of a firm’s competitive differentiation, providing significant advantages over competing for business. In a business environment, it is up to the HR Business partner to emphasize how expertise in the primary functional areas can positively affect trends throughout an organization. A...

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Identifying Org Learning Issues!

By on Aug 28, 2017 in BOSS Posts, Training and Development | 2 comments

Organizational Learning like most Human Resource topics tends to have a shelf life.  This shelf life has its peaks and valleys depending on which tenant of the Organizational vision is being missed or appears to be waning.  When it comes to Organizational learning it is oftentimes treated like contract support and is the first thing to go when it is time for budget...

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Success or Failure – NEVER Mediocrity!

By on Apr 2, 2017 in BOSS Posts, Coaching | 40 comments

As we all aspire to live out our dreams do we sometimes let the applause of our current environment cause us to settle for less than OUR best? In an effort to act on being a lifelong learner do you always look for understanding what is good, better, or best for each moment or do you generalize? Have you ever found yourself upset with someone who called out your...

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